House of lilies

Through The House of Lilies, you let the consumer enjoy longer.

A unit of Dutch lily growers, joining forces to better serve its customers. That's The House of LiliesMutual cooperation, transparency and short lines of communication with customers ensure a perfect chain between cultivation and delivery. A chain begins and ends at The House of Lilies' growers, ensuring consistent flower quality year-round. Moreover, our growers deliver directly to retailers and wholesalers. This saves fruitful time. Because... the shorter the journey from greenhouse to consumer, the longer it can be enjoyed.

Of bulb to flower bouquet.....

Within The House of Lilies we prefer to keep everything in our own hands. From cultivation to marketing. That way, we can make the production chain as short as possible and ensure consistent quality of our product. Moreover, thanks to direct contact with the grower, our customers can always quickly find out about current options (availability, special requests, customer-specific packaging, etc). It is also possible to order directly from the grower. Although, for additional questions or advice and placing orders, you can of course also contact The House of Lilies.

Unlimited possibilities

All types, all colours, all lengths and virtually all combinations... You can find it at The House of Lilies. Looking for something tailor-made, such as special packaging? Or do you have an idea for a product application for your market or customer group? As a collective of passionate growers, we like to contribute. In the spotlight

The Spotlight

High quality requirements

Grower of The House of Lilies you don't just become. We set high standards when it comes to criteria such as quality, capacity and variety. For example, with our lilies, we stand at least for environmental and socio-social certifications in accordance with the FSI Basket of Standards (see if there are additional requirements in terms of sustainability, we will work on them immediately.

Our growers

A growers' collective with the shortest line to the source...

The House of Lilies is a growers' collective that wants to act differently. We were founded in 2022, by growers with years of experience in lily farming. Our aim is to strengthen and shorten the chain between supply and demand. Our growers support each other whenever possible. They share their knowledge and experience, and are thus always up-to-date when it comes to innovation. Orders are coordinated with each other so that each request can be fulfilled in the best possible way. Moreover, there is always direct contact between the grower and customer, as this pays off both financially and organisationally. At The House of Lilies we therefore see our customers as true partners, for whom we want to stand as a house.

Our Keypoints